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The New York Mets trade several players as they look beyond the 2017 season. Although the 2017 season has been disappointing for Mets fans, they hope to position themselves to get better in the future.

New York Mets Trade Activity

So, with this season lost, the Mets have traded their closer Addison Reed to the Boston Red Sox. For Addison Reed, the Mets received three relievers. The three right-handed pitchers the Mets received were Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan and Stephen Nogosek.

All things considered, I think this was a good trade for both the Mets and the Sox. Since Reed will be a free agent next season, I think this trade will help the Mets bullpen. Moreover, the bullpen for the Mets has been a sore spot this season. By making these changes, they’re hoping to improve.

In addition, the New York Mets trade Lucas Duda to the Tampa Bay Rays. They received reliever Drew Smith in exchange for Duda.

New York Mets Trade Review

Although the Mets only made two trades, they were able to replenish their bullpen. In addition to Reed,  Duda was also going to be a free agent next season.

The Mets were hoping to move a few other players, but deals weren’t able to happen. So, the Mets are working on 2018. Do you think the trades they made, will help solidify their bullpen for next season? Because the bullpen has been their Achilles heel this season, they hope to solidify a better pen in the future.

New York Mets Future

Due to the Mets having a lot of outfielders, will they move some of them in the off-season? With some of the trades the Mets made, they now have relievers who pitch in the 90’s.

To sum up, we will have to see how these relievers will pan out in the future.

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