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Although the New York Mets season started on a good note, the season took a turn for the worse. Be sure to visit our New York Mets Hot Start post to read more about this years team. So, what happened to this team that started off so well?

New York Mets Season

When the season first started, the Mets were able to win their first five series. However, the team hasn’t clicked on all cylinders since the first month. And, some of the biggest difference is several of their best players have been out with injuries.

In the first place, Yoenis Cespedes had season ending surgery on two heel issues. Consequently, even with Cespedes injuries, he still had 9 home runs in 38 games before his season came to an end. With Cespedes out, the offense has struggled mostly throughout the season.

New York Mets Season Pitching Rotation

No doubt, the Mets have one of the best pitchers in the game in Jacob deGrom. Ironically, deGrom hasn’t given up more than 3 runs in any game this season. His record is 8 – 9. And, surprisingly, many consider deGrom a candidate for the National League Cy Young. Certainly, his ERA has been one of the lowest in the MLB; however, his win, loss record may keep him out of the voting.

As well as deGrom, the Mets have a strong core of starting pitchers. In the same fashion, one of their biggest problems has been when the offense is cold, the pitching is good. And, when the pitching has an off night, the offense is good.

New York Mets Season Going Forward

With David Wright retiring this season, the Mets will have a lot of decisions to ponder for next season. In the last month, they have rebounded as a team and are playing sub-par .500 ball.

Will Mitch Callaway remain the coach of the Mets? Although the team has some money available in the off-season; will they have to pay a few players higher that will impact their budget? Will they release Jay Bruce?

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