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Happy New Year 2022, Everybody!

We W.I.L.L Thru Sports wishes you all a warm, healthy, and fulfilling new year filled to the brim with happy and memorable experiences. As we put 2021 behind and quickly venture into 2022, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports would like to remember everyone who supported us throughout the past year and before. From coaches to referees, volunteers and donors, friends, family, and more, we remained sustainable during difficult times. Additionally, we were able to keep in line with our mission to provide affordable and healthy athletic activities for our young ones.

New Year 2022 Line up

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports will be continuing with its A.M. Workouts every Saturday. New to the AM Workout for 2022, there will be a special series of guest speakers that will come speak to all participants. These guest speakers will be experienced basketball coaches and players including those who have been in the NBA. Coach Perez has been working closely with these guest speakers to roll out this intriguing series for our young people.

Gear Up For Our One-On-One Sessions!

In addition to the A.M. Workouts, there will also be an opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with our experienced coaches. They will assess, make a comprehensive workout plan, and develop one’s skills based on one’s current workout needs. Unlike the A.M. Workouts, this program is not free. However, what you need to remember is that we always remain affordable and flexible for those who need it the most.

We W.I.L.L. Regulators

Moving on, we didn’t want to end this post without mentioning our WE W.I.L.L. Regulators travel basketball team. We are normally in full swing with tryouts by this time of the year. However, due to Covid -19, this program will remain in question until the number of positive Covid-19 cases decreases. Due to the nature of the program, it would need to be safe to travel and have close competitive contact before starting it back up. Hence, we look forward to bringing you an update as soon as we possibly can.

Final Word

And so, here we are, one week into the new year 2022. We’re off to an exciting start, continuing with what’s made an impact, taking on new challenges day by day, and thanking you in advance for all you will do in 2022! We hope this year is kinder to us all and brings us all the best things life has to offer!