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NCAA Championship Game is today. After a month of madness – the final game will be played tonight at 9:20 p.m. When the tournament first started, a few weeks ago, there was 68 teams competing. To read more, be sure to visit our March Madness Update 2019 post.

NCAA Championship Game

After 68 teams have competed through seven rounds of basketball, the big day has finally arrived. In the final four, we saw four really exciting games. To read more about the games, be sure to visit our Final Four Schedule 2019 post.

On Saturday, the Virginia Cavaliers played the Auburn Tigers. The final score was 63 – 62 – obviously, a close game. In Game 2, we saw Texas Tech defeat Michigan State Spartans with a score of 61 – 51.

Now, with the Tigers and Spartans being eliminated, the Cavaliers and Texas Tech have made it to the finals.

Virginia Cavaliers

After last year’s early elimination, the Cavaliers have made it to the finals. With their strong offensive and defensive unit; will they be the last one standing? The Cavaliers have had to prove themselves and show everyone they were meant to be at the finals.

Texas Tech

Similarly to the Virginia Cavaliers, the Texas Tech have a similar style. However, the one thing separating the two teams, is that Texas Tech has played a much more physical game style.

With Texas Tech’s aggressive style, they have shown their toughness.

Who Will Win the NCAA Championship Game

Since both teams are well liked as well as skilled; this tournament should provide a brilliant match-up. Surprisingly, whoever wins the tournament will be a nice ending to March Madness. Neither team has won the championship. So, both teams are in the same spot – hoping to be the champions for the first time.

Many basketball analysts have the Virginia Cavaliers winning over Texas Tech. So, who will win? Either way, this final game will be exciting for a new team to win their first championship.

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