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So, the NBA second-round playoffs have arrived. To read about the first-round; be sure to visit our NBA 2020 Playoff Schedule post. After an exciting first round and still a few teams who haven’t completed the first-round; are the playoffs in jeopardy due to the Milwaukee Bucks boycotting yesterday’s game?

NBA Second-Round Playoffs

With the Bucks boycotting yesterday’s game; it has caused a chain of reaction not only throughout the NBA but through many sports teams in the United States.

What Should the NBA and Other Sports Teams do

Due to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake; many professional athletes and teams are taking a strong stance. Although many athletes are disturbed following the shooting of Blake; should they boycott the remaining games? In addition to the NBA games that were canceled; other athletes and teams also have taken a stance.

So, the question remains who benefits from canceling a game? When the sports world was shut down in March; many were hoping sports returned. However, since sports have come back; black lives matter has taken over.

Indeed, there are always going to be hate crimes and bad things happening worldwide. But, the question remains; why would you cancel playing an important game?

In my opinion, taking a strong stance over these recent crimes ends up hurting a lot of other people. While it is important to stand up for what you believe in; I’m not sure quitting is the answer.

Moreover, I think it is essential for athletes and people who have the power to try and do something to help people in need. Stand up for what you believe in. Be heard!

Will the Season Continue

Now, the question remains – Will the NBA continue the playoffs? With many players not wanting to continue; is the season over? Or, will the players boycott the remainder of the season? Since there are games scheduled for today; will these games play out?

With so much at stake worldwide and emotions running high; it is hard to know what will come of the meetings that will continue throughout the day with the NBA players, the Board of Governors and NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver.

In conclusion, things are still up in the air. Be sure to visit our site often as we continue to have updates regarding the NBA second-round playoffs.