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So, the regular season has ended and the NBA Playoff schedule starts today. Let’s take a look at the teams for the playoffs. No doubt, this season’s playoffs should provide an exciting road to the finals.

NBA Playoff – Eastern Conference Schedule

First and foremost, in the Eastern Conference, the number 1 seed, Toronto Raptors play the number 8 seed, Washington Wizards at 5:30 p.m. today. For the second game, the number 3 seed, Philadelphia 76ers will play the number 6 seed, Miami Heat.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, April 15th the number 2 seed, the Boston Celtics will host the number 7 seed, Milwaukee Bucks at 1:00 p.m. in Boston. For the second game on Sunday, last year’s Eastern Conference Champions, the number 4 seed, Cleveland Cavaliers will play the number 5 seed, the Indiana Pacers.

NBA Playoff – Western Conference Schedule

In the Western Conference, the NBA playoffs start with the number 2 seed, the Golden State Warriors taking on the number 7 seed, San Antonio Spurs. As you know, last year, the Golden State Warriors won the championship. To read more, visit our Golden State Warriors Win NBA Championship post. And, Game 2 will be the number 3 seed, Portland Trail Blazers playing the number 6 seed, New Orleans Pelicans.

For the early game on Sunday, the number 4 seed, Oklahoma City Thunder will play the number 5 team, the Utah Jazz. For the second game on Sunday, the number one seed, the Houston Rockets play the number 8 seed, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

NBA Playoff Excitement

No doubt, there is plenty of basketball action to be excited about. Today, the Golden State Warriors edged out the San Antonio Spurs by a score of 113 – 92. At the same time, the score is close on the Washington Wizards and Raptors game at half time. With so many teams having strong scoring line-ups; will this year’s playoff landscape change?

Moreover, many teams have some injuries. Will the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers meet in the NBA finals again? Indeed, anything is possible in the playoffs.

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