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The NBA playoff picture is shaping up. With less than 10 days to go in the regular season; the next week or so will determine the teams that will be in the playoffs.

NBA Playoff Picture – Eastern Conference

So, this year – there is a different picture in the Eastern Conference. When LeBron James moved to the Western conference, both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors are looking to capture the No. 1 seed.

Indeed, last year was a different road to the finals. To see more on last year’s playoffs, be sure to visit our NBA Playoff Schedule 2018 post.

In the Eastern Conference, many thought the Boston Celtics would be the number 1 seed. To read more about last year’s team; visit our NBA Conference Playoff Picture post. However, this year’s Boston Celtics have had their ups and downs all season. Although the Celtics have made the playoffs; will they get their act together over the next week or so?

Presently, the Milwaukee Bucks have a four game lead over the Toronto Raptors. Since the Raptors have had a lot of injuries recently; will their players be healthy during the stretch to make a strong run in the playoffs?

With both teams hoping to be the no. 1 seed; will the Bucks hold onto that position?

NBA Playoff Picture – Western Conference

In the Western Conference, we have last year’s Golden State Warriors in a close race with the Denver Nuggets for the no. 1 seed. To read more about last year’s Warrior team and their road to the championship finals; be sure to visit our Golden State Warriors Sweep Cavaliers post.

In addition, the Houston Rockets are another team to watch once the playoffs start.

With the regular season ending on April 12th; there are still a lot of teams to keep an eye on.

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