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NBA Playoff Bracket includes sixteen teams. To read more about the road to the playoffs; be sure to visit our NBA Playoff Picture 2019 post. Now that the playoffs have started and we have scores from this past weekend; let’s take a look at the postseason.

NBA Playoff Bracket – Eastern Conference

In the Eastern conference, the number one seed, the Milwaukee Bucks will play the Detroit Pistons. In Game 1, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Detroit Pistons with a score of 121 – 76. The series will resume on Wednesday, April 17th.

Also in the Eastern Conference, we have the number two seed team, the Toronto Raptors v the number seven seed team, the Orlando Magic. Surprisingly, the Orlando Magic beat the Raptors in Game 1 with a score of 104 – 101. Game 2 will resume on April 16th.

The number 3 seed, the Philadelphia 76ers v the number six seed team, the Brooklyn Nets. On Saturday, April 13, the Brooklyn Nets stunned the Philadelphia 76ers with a score of 111 – 102. This series will resume on Monday, April 15th.

Finally, the number four seed, the Boston Celtics v the number five seed, the Indiana Pacers. In the regular season, the Boston Celtics led the series with a 3-1. Consequently, the Celtics beat the Pacers with a score of 84- 74.

NBA Playoff Bracket – Western Conference

In the Western Conference, the number one seed, the Golden State Warriors will play the number 8 seed, the Los Angeles Clippers. Of course, the Warriors are looking for a third straight title. And, they easily defeated the Clippers with a score of 121 – 104.

In addition, the number two seed, the Denver Nuggets will play the number seven seed, the San Antonio Spurs. Meanwhile, this game provided plenty of excitement and came down to the final few minutes of the game. The Spurs beat the Nuggets with a score of 101 – 96.

The number 3 seed, the Portland Trail Blazers will play the number 6 seed, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Also, another close game – the Trailblazers defeated the Thunder by a score of 104  -99.

Also, the number 4 seed, the Houston Rockets play the number 5 seed, the Utah Jazz. Finally, in the series rematch from last year – the Rockets took the lead over the Jazz.

In summary, the first round should provide plenty of excitement.

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