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As the NBA Basketball 2017 playoffs continue tonight, today’s post is about the first round. Since many teams are in the first few games of the playoffs, it’s never too early to think about the predictions.

NBA Basketball 2017 Playoffs – Eastern Conference

So let’s get right to it. In the Eastern Conference, we have the Boston Celtics against the Chicago Bulls. Despite the Celtics being the number one seed in the playoffs, they lost game one on Sunday, April 16th.

Also, in the Eastern Conference is the Washington Wizards against the Atlanta Hawks. By the same token, Washington won game 1. In addition, the other matchups are the Toronto Raptors against the Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers against the Indiana Pacers.  Milwaukee is leading the series as they won game 1. Equally important is the Cavaliers are up 2 games against the Pacers.

NBA Basketball 2017 Playoffs – Western Conference

In the first place, the Golden State Warriors lead the series against the Portland Trail Blazers as they won game 1. Also, the San Antonio Spurs lead the Memphis Grizzlies with two games. Additionally, the Houston Rockets lead the Oklahoma City Thunder by one game. The Los Angeles Clippers lead the Utah Jazz by one game.

NBA Basketball 2017 Playoffs – Predictions

Of course, most of these teams have only played one game. Because a team has to win four games, anything can happen. Hence, a few teams are already off to a fast start.

Indeed, there has already been a lot of excitement. Are the Cavaliers destined to make it to their third straight final? Will we see the Warriors in the finals? Although the Boston Celtics are the number 1 seed in the Eastern conference, there is a lot of speculation about how they will fare against the Bulls. Also, with Isaiah Thomas’s death of his sister, will that affect his game?

At the same token, the Warriors are expected to sweep their series. Of course, anything can happen in the playoffs. Because the playoffs are unpredictable, what are some of the keys to some of these series? Again, will some of these players step up and have good series or will other factors impact their game.

To sum up, we have seen some dominant performances in the NBA basketball 2017 playoffs early on. Even though it has only been one or two games so far, can anyone beat the Cavaliers in the Eastern conference?

In conclusion, I think the Golden State Warriors will win it all. As always, I would love your thoughts on the first round of playoffs. Do you have any predictions?