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National Youth Violence Prevention Week was founded in 2001 in hopes to raise awareness to prevent violence before it happens

National Youth Violence Prevention Week

At the same time, SAVE wants to educate Counselors, Parents, School Administrators, and teachers on ways to help prevent violent crimes in youth.

Similarly to We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports; they’re a non-profit organization whose on a mission to get all students involved in providing a safer environment for youth.

Due to a violent situation that occurred in 2019; Henry Perez was instrumental in setting up new ground rules for games and tournaments. To read more about this; be sure to visit Our Lives Matter Tournament posts where you can read how we’re encouraging our youth to behave not only in sports; but in life.

National Youth Violence Prevent Week Events

So, this week’s events – there will be activities and programs in our communities and schools on how to make things safer. Since there is a list of events nationwide; be sure to check out what is happening in your area.

However, even if there isn’t something in your area, or you’re unable to attend; there are things you can do to contribute to educate, empower and encourage our youth on how to behave. When they treat others with respect and learn how to interact with other kids; they are able to make better decisions that will help them long-term.

Of course, safety is improved when people come together. By having healthy relationships with family, friends and your peers; we’re helping pave the way for a better life.

Meanwhile, if we want our youth to make positive choices; we must encourage them to practice good life decisions. For instance; it is important for all kids to value sportsmanship.

End Youth Violence

Kids who live in a violent neighborhood have a tendency to develop issues; so, it is important to expose them to a better lifestyle.

When a kid reacts badly to a situation; it is important to remove your kid from the situation. For instance, if they’re doing something bad; either remove them or take the item away from them. By taking something away from your kid; you’re letting them know why you did what you did.

In fact, sometimes crimes happen due to other issues such as negative family situations, illiteracy and witnessing violent crimes. Ultimately, the way to change this type of behavior is to put an emphasis on our youth’s choices by:

  • Quality education
  • Parenting skills
  • Healthy choices
  • Quality sports programs
  • Youth leadership

In conclusion, National Youth Violence Prevention Week is the time to promote positive situations for at-risk youth and provide them with the skills and opportunities for a healthy and positive future.