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January is National Winter Sports Awareness Month. First and foremost, it is important to take caution when participating in any Winter sporting activity.

Winter Sports

So, this month is about raising awareness for anyone who participates in Winter sports. Such as skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow tubing,  snowboarding, tobogganing and hockey. When you participate in any sport; it is important to wear protective clothing. In addition, it is important to use well maintained safety equipment; such as a helmet. When you take preventive action; you’re reducing the risk of a serious injury.

National Winter Sports Awareness Month

Because there are many Winter sports that can cause concussions and brain injury; National Winter Sports Awareness Month was designed to raise awareness.


No doubt, sports are a great way to stay active and keep fit. But, it is important to learn about injuries associated with sports. In fact, there has been many concussions from snowboarding and skiing. When you participate in any Winter sport; it is important to purchase a well made helmet. Also, it is important to wear a helmet over a knit hat.

Although snow is soft; ice is not. Of course, the temperature can cause the ground to freeze as well as trees and cement can cause serious damage.

Safety Tips

So, given the nature of several sporting activities you or your kids may participate in; the following are some safety tips.

  • Use safety equipment
  • When playing a sport; make sure there are safety rules such as no direct hits to the head or neck area
  • Have rules in place
  • A helmet can help prevent and reduce the severity of any brain injury
  • Make sure you take lessons. By taking a lesson; you will learn how to play safely.

If any injury does occur; it is important to remove someone from the sport immediately. Moreover, make sure someone receives immediate attention from a Medical professional.


In conclusion, National Winter Sports Awareness Month is about taking preventive measures to prevent any injury from occurring during any sport. Although this month is about the importance of taking precaution; it is important to keep this in mind for any sports activity.

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