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National School Breakfast Week is March 4 – 8th. Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day; but this week was started to introduce the nation’s School Breakfast Program.

National School Breakfast Week – School Breakfast Program

Did you know the school breakfast program provides millions of breakfast meals for children each school day? Since many families don’t have the funds available; this program helps alleviate families financial struggles.

At the same time, nutrition is a key component of the school breakfast program. This program was started by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Celebrate National School Breakfast Week

To celebrate National School Breakfast Week; it is important to let your kids know about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. Moreover, it is important for all schools to provide not only meals; but activities in celebration of this event.

When the bell rings, serve breakfast to all students this week. To see if your school participates, be sure to visit the NSBW program.

When kids eat breakfast, they tend to be more productive and have a better memory.

National School Breakfast Week – Nutrition

Not only is NSBW celebrated in March, but March is also National Nutrition Month. To read more, be sure to visit our National Nutrition Month post.

So, are you ready to get your kids excited about eating breakfast? Even if your school doesn’t participate in NSBW, you can still provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast to your kids. When you’re shopping, be sure to pick up oatmeal, fruit, yogurt and whole grain toast or cereal.

In addition, kids who eat breakfast tend to have more energy. Usually, when kids eat breakfast, they tend to have more energy during the school day.

Of course, there are many healthy choices available to have your kids start their day the right way.

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