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We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is proud to say that we have partnered with Target during National Nutrition Month this year. Thank you, Target, for recognizing the impact we are making by teaching our young people to adopt a healthy mind and body.

National Nutrition Month & Target – Measurable Outcome

Through this generous donation, we have been able to provide over 60 healthy snacks this past month to our youth. Conversing and dropping knowledge is important, but having a hands-on component where the youth take healthy snacks during their program, is the best reminder about how important it is to nourish the body.

Recap of National Nutrition Month 2023

All month long, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports has been providing healthy snacks to those who participate in our after-school and weekend programs. The reminder to eat healthy and care for our body is of the utmost importance to us all. Only with a healthy body can we do the things we want to do. Only fitness can help us make the mark we want to make in this world. We have been reminding our youth that it starts NOW in developing these habitats that will carry them through adulthood.

Final Word – Time To Step Up!

National Nutrition Month is one month out of the year that helps us remember or learn how important healthy eating is. It starts with our mind, and how we feel about ourselves. Most often than not, our mental health has more to do with our eating habits than lack of knowledge. Even so, learning about what the foods we put in our bodies do to us helps us overcome these habits. It goes a long way in helping us make better, more informed decisions about our diet.

However, if you haven’t yet recognized National Nutrition Month, have no fear! It’s never too late to lead a better, healthier lifestyle. Even if the nutrition month ends, it is but a reminder to make better eating choices for the rest of the year. Most importantly, we have our whole lives ahead of us to ensure a better, brighter, and healthier future for us and our youth. So, let’s extend our efforts beyond this month and do our kids and ourselves a favor by adapting one healthy thing in our diet or routine.

Don’t forget that kids watch what their role models do. So, it’s about time we all stepped it up a little. Your body and mind will thank you! 😊

Happy National Nutrition Month, Everyone!