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March – National Nutrition Month 2022 is here. We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports recognizes and strives to bring awareness to the importance of nutrition and healthy living all year round. However, National Nutrition Month provides us with an even better opportunity to understand the benefits of consuming nutritious foods.

National Nutrition Month 2022 & We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports aims to promote healthy eating and living habits among our youth. We teach and provide them with opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle instead of a sedentary one throughout the year. We encourage our youth every day to make the most healthy choices for themselves both in terms of food and physical health. Hence, National Nutrition Month 2022 is a golden opportunity for us all to make a healthy and nutritious difference in our lives.

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Is  Collaborating With Stop n Shop!

This March, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports has partnered up with Stop n Shop supermarket to make a difference! Stop n Shop is proud to offer donations to local non-profit organizations which are working to promote healthy lifestyles. Hence, during our A.M. Workouts, we’ll be discussing nutritional facts with our participants. In addition, we will also be giving out healthy snacks such as fruits and granola bars. By the end of the session, our participants will be leaving with fun facts on nutrition, an in-depth understanding of its importance, and healthy snacks in their tummies. We thank Stop n Shop for seeing the importance of healthy lifestyles. We also appreciate and recognize their generosity in helping us guide our youth to a healthier future.

Final Word

National Nutrition Month 2022 is one month out of the whole year where we pay extra attention to adopting healthy eating habits. We know it takes time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But we also understand that awareness is the first step to changing your life. Only after we become aware will we be able to start making the lifestyle changes necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, visit our previous post here for tips on how to begin slowly. And while you’re at it, be sure to have fun while getting healthy now and always!