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With the Nashville Predators win against the Anaheim Ducks, they are heading to their first Stanley Cup finals. In the first place, the Predators were considered the underdogs against the Ducks in the Western Conference finals.

Also, Colton Sissons scored a hat trick and the final score was 6-3 in Game 6.

Nashville Predators

So, now the Predators await their next opponent. Since the Predators were seeded last in the Western conference, they have been a surprise and are heading to their first Stanley Cup finals.

In addition, the Predators finished their regular season outside of the top 10 teams. Due to the Predators record, they started the playoffs against the Western conference number one seed, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Peter Laviolette

With the Predators heading to the Stanley Cup finals, Peter Laviolette is the first USA born coach to lead three teams to the finals. Hence, he coached the Carolina Hurricanes to a Stanley Cup championship in 2006 and the Philadelphia Flyers to the championship in 2010.

Pittsburg Penguins v Ottawa Senators

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins will play game 6 against the Ottawa Senators. In view of the Penguins leading the series 3 – 2, they will look to close out the game against the Senators.

Because the Penguins have dominated the last two games scoring 10 goals – 2, they are hoping to finish this series. Will the Penguins continue to dominate the Senators? Due to the Penguins offense and great goaltending, they are expected to win tonight.

Although the Senators have some injuries, they have played well throughout the playoffs. Can they manage to win and force a game 7?

Stanley Cup Finals

The Nashville Predators are awaiting their next opponent. Will it be the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Ottawa Senators? Now, the Predators will have at least a full week to prepare for the Stanley Cup finals. No matter what team wins, the Predators will open the series away.

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