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The MLB season will begin on either July 23rd or 24th. With the players union and the MLB coming together; all details have been ironed out to begin a short season. When all professional sports teams halted their season back in March 2020; there was a lot of discord between the players and owners. Now that the details have been ironed out; it’s time to play ball.

MLB Season

With months of going back and forth between the players and the owners; many sports analysts including Commissioner, Rob Manfred, didn’t think the season would ever begin. So, now the players will begin Round 2 of Spring training.

In order to get ready for the regular season; the players will begin reporting to Spring Training within the next few days.

With a few weeks to go before the MLB season begins next month; baseball fans will be treated to more divisional games. Moreover, 1/3 of the games will be played against teams in other geographical areas in the division.

Interleague Games

With the short season, interleague play may have teams playing each other more frequently. For instance, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox will play each other 6 times this season.

Who is the Favorite to Win the World Series

Prior to the season beginning, the New York Yankees were the heavy favorite to win the World Series. To read more about the deals made in the off-season; be sure to check out our 2020 Winter Baseball Meetings post.

With a shortened season, it is possible that an underdog team may benefit. Last year’s Washington Nationals had a losing record and ended up winning the World Series. To read more about the Nationals; be sure to visit our Nationals Win World Series 2019 post.

Meanwhile, earlier in 2020, there were a lot of changes in management throughout both the American and National League due to the cheating scandal. Because there were so many changes; how will this impact the teams for the remainder of this season?

Indeed, 2020 will be challenging in terms of new managers, as well as health guidelines and testing due to COVID-19.

In summary, with so many changes in store for the MLB Season; this season will surely have a lot of surprises for baseball fans.

As the season begins and other sports resume; visit our site often for all the up-to-date sports information.