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So, the first half of the 2018 season has passed. Now, that we’re officially in the second half of the season; today’s post will prepare you with the latest news.

First Half 2018 MLB – American League East

When the year first started, there was a lot of baseball talk about the New York Yankees and Red Sox Rivalry. For more on this, be sure to check-out our Yankees Red Sox Round One post. After 81 games, there is no surprise that the American League East has two teams with two of the best records in the MLB.

With the rivalry back between the Yankees and the Red Sox, the two teams will meet in New York this weekend. Of course, this will provide a lot of excitement as the two teams battle for first place in the division.

In addition, the Cleveland Indians are starting to heat up. However, the Indians are in one of the worst divisions in the MLB, so chances are they will win their division.

Also in the American League West division, last years World Series winner, the Houston Astros are holding one of the best records in the MLB. To read more about the Astros, visit our Houston Astros Win World Series post.

First Half 2018 MLB – National League

Now, in the National League, Atlanta has the best record in the Eastern Division. And, in the Central Division, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs are neck in neck. In the Western Division the Arizona Diamondbacks and the L.A. Dodgers are also the two top teams in the division.

Second Half 2018 Buzz

So prior to the season beginning, USA Today had a prediction on the final standings come October. In the American League, they had the New York Yankees winning the division. In the Central Division, they had the Cleveland Indians winning the division. And no surprise, they have the Houston Astros winning the American League, West Division.

Meanwhile, in the National League, they have the Washington Nationals winning the East and in the Central Division, they have the Chicago Cubs winning the Central Division. Finally in the West, they have the L.A. Dodgers winning their division.

Certainly, these predictions seem fairly close to reality. However, I’m not sure they have the wins and losses correct on the American League East. Indeed, I have my own predictions on who will win the American League East Division.

What teams do you think will be playing October baseball?

As always, I welcome your comments.