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Exciting news – the Miami Marlins make history hiring Kim Ng as their General Manager. Although baseball managers are hired all the time; this is the first time a woman has been hired to lead the helm.

Miami Marlins Make History Hiring Kim Ng

When the Marlins hired Kim Ng; she became the first female to be hired in a General Manager’s role. Moreover, as the first female; this is coming at the right time.

At the same time, there has been a lot of cultural and social justice issues happening all over the world. To read more about changes impacting the world; be sure to visit our Global Diversity Awareness Month post. Not only will Kim be the first female woman in the MLB; but she will also be the first Asian-American General Manager.

With over 30 years of experience in baseball; she is excited to put her mark on the Miami Marlins. Kim’s impressive resume includes working for the New Yankees from 1998 – 2001. And, also she worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2002 – 2011 and the MLB Commissioner’s Office from 2011 – 2020.

Of course, when she was with the Yankees; Derek Jeter was also playing for the team.

Fast forward – 19 years later and she is reunited with the Miami Marlins CEO, Derek Jeter.

Moreover, the Marlins are excited to have Kim Ng head up their baseball operations; and believe her extensive work with youth baseball will have a positive impact on the youth and Southern Florida community.

Breakthrough for Women

When Kim started her career in Major League Baseball; it was as an intern. Now, three decades later; she has shattered the glass ceiling.

With Kim being the first female General Manager in the MLB; her position will help pave the way for other women in professional sports.

In fact, in 2019, Sarah Thomas was the first female official in the post-season. To read more about her role in last year’s playoffs; be sure to visit my NFL Playoff Conference Finals 2019 post.

In summary, with women having more prominent roles in professional sports; the sky is the limit for girls everywhere to realize anything is possible.

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