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March Madness update is here. So, are you ready for latest news on Round 1 – scores and highlights? With so many games taking place, it is hard to keep up with our bracket spreadsheet.

March Madness

First and foremost, March Madness is an exciting basketball tournament that has 68 teams competing through seven rounds for the national championship. Consequently, there is a lot happening in the World of Sports presently.

In the NHL, we have the regular season of hockey winding down.  To read more about the NHL, be sure to visit our NHL Trade Activity post to read more about the teams that are playoff contenders if the season was to end today.

Also, in the NBA, we have the regular games of the season winding down.

Now, we have every day – a full schedule of basketball games. From noon to midnight, you can find a game on at almost any hour.

March Madness Update

Of course, the first round can be overwhelming. At the same time, emotions are running high. Indeed, every year there are high expectations for many of the coaches and players.

Will the number one seed team, Virginia Cavaliers make it far this year? Will they be a surprise this year? Since many consider one of the team’s weaknesses to be is that they’re too slow; will that be their downside? Due to their strong defense and offense; many think this year’s team will have a much more positive outcome.

In addition, the Tennessee Volunteers is considered to be a top contender this year. Will this team make it far into the tournament? Although both Virginia and Tennessee are early favorites to make it far; anything can happen in these basketball games.

In conclusion, forget about last years – Virginia struggles and this year’s favorites; who will be the last one standing in the tournament?

As always, I welcome your comments.