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So, yesterday was the NCAA Championship game. With Michigan winning its first game since 1989, they will advance to the final game. At the same time, Villanova is hoping to win its second title in three years.

NCAA Championship Game

When the games first started, Virginia and Villanova were considered two of the best teams. For more on the Tournament, visit our March Madness Tournament post. Now, with Virginia being eliminated, Villanova has made it to the finals.

Michigan Wolverines

In the first place, Michigan’s Coach, John Beilein has a unique way of evaluating talent. By evaluating players by birthdays; he is able to establish if a kid has the potential to develop into the type of player his program needs. No doubt, his approach has paid off.

Because Michigan hasn’t been in the championship game since 1989, this team has a chance to win it all.

Villanova Wildcats

Since the 1920-1921 season, the Villanova Wildcats have competed in basketball. Although the Villanova Wildcats were champions both in the 1986 and 2016 NCAA Championship Game; many think they are the favorite to win it all.

With Villanova being a force in March Madness thus far; will Villanova continue their momentum? Of course, anything is possible in a championship game.

Villanova Wins NCAA Championship Game

So, it was no surprise that Villanova won the game. By and large, Villanova was winning all of their games by double digits and were one of the top teams all season long. Indeed, this season had a log of craziness. However, this team was clearly at their best right down to the buzzer.

As Villanova celebrates their third school title; they are hoping to repeat next year.

NCAA Takeaways

As we have seen in the past, many winning College coaches head to the NBA. With Jay Wright’s success as the Coach of Villanova; will he be heading to the NBA? With many teams looking for new coaches, the timing may be right.

Although many were hoping for an upset, Michigan fans will have to wait until next year.

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