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In Game 5, the Los Angeles Lakers won the Western Conference beating the Denver Nuggets with a score of 117 – 107. With two good teams hoping to advance to the finals; it was the Lakers who dominated this series.

Los Angeles Lakers Win the Western Conference

When this series started, it was predicted the Lakers would win. To read more about this series; be sure to check out our 2020 NBA Conference Finals Matchup post.

So, let’s take a look at their season and how they won the Western Conference.

At the same time, one of their most productive players was LeBron James. Of course, this is no surprise since James has been leading teams to the finals throughout his career. To read more about his career; be sure to visit our LeBron James NBA Future post. In addition to James, Anthony Davis was a contributor to them winning this series.

When the Nuggets defeated the Clippers; they seemed like a formidable opponent for the Lakers. However, James and the Lakers had other ideas and were intent to end this series in 5 games.

Los Angeles Lakers Awaiting their Opponent

Since the Lakers have advanced to the NBA Finals; they are not sure who they will face. Will they face the Boston Celtics or the Maimi Heat?

Since the Celtics were favored to win the Eastern Conference due to their great defense; they have not played well as a team throughout this series, In fact, the Celtics have had a lot of turnovers in the majority of the games so far.

With Game 6 tonight, will you be watching the Boston Celtics v Miami Heat – September 27th at 7:30 p.m?

In summary, the Los Angeles Lakers size and dominance thus far in the playoffs have been a headache. Now that the Lakers will have a few extra days off; who do you think they will face in the finals?

As always, I welcome your comments on who do you think will be the 2020 NBA Champions?