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The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship. When this series started, I predicted the Lakers would win. To read more about the series; be sure to visit our Los Angeles Lakers v Maimi Heat NBA Playoff Final 2020 post.

Los Angeles Lakers Win NBA Championship

In a different type of season, the Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship. Indeed, this season had a lot of bumps in the road. Especially after the season shut down in March; it was nice to see the NBA able to finish their season. To read more about the NBA season pausing in March; be sure to check out our Coronavirus Sports Cancellations post.

When the series began between the Lakers and the Heat; the Lakers easily won the first two games. However, the Heat came back to win two games before heading into Game 6.

In Game 6, the Lakers took command and were up in the third quarter by as much as 36 points. When the 4th Quarter began, the Heat showed signs of coming back. But, it was a little too late. Of course, the Lakers were determined to end the series last night.

Moreover, the last title won by the Lakers was over a decade ago with Kobe Bryant. When Kobe was killed; the Lakers said they were playing the 2019-2020 season in his memory.

And, the team rose to the occasion. So, what is next for the Lakers? Are more championships in their future?

LeBron James Won Another Championship

Since LeBron James joined the Lakers, he was on a mission to win another championship. In his second season with the team; James was named the NBA MVP and has won his fourth title with three different teams.

Meanwhile, the Lakers Coach, Frank Vogel praised James after the game, saying “he is the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen”.¬†Also, he said what made him different was James was always open to making changes and was decisive about them.

Of course, with Lebron’s commitment to the Lakers; he has added another ring and MVP to his illustrious career.