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When Kyrie Irving requested a trade to leave Lebron James and company in Cleveland; he wanted to get away from James and establish himself as a leader.

Kyrie Irving

First and foremost, during Kyrie’s time with the Cavaliers, there was a lot of conflict between him and James. To read more, be sure to visit our Boston Celtics Trade Isaiah Thomas post.

Surprisingly, now that he has been with the Boston Celtics; he has had a change of tune. Recently, it was reported that Irving reached out to James to apologize for not appreciating his leadership.

Because the Celtics younger players have been up and down this season; now Irving is realizing how hard it is to be a leader.

LeBron James

Since many consider James to be one of the best basketball players in the World; now there are rumors circulating that Kyrie would like to reunite. With LeBron out of Cleveland, is there a reunion in their future? To read more about LeBron, be sure to visit our LeBron James NBA Future post.

Now that LeBron has signed with the Lakers, it is rumored that he wants to get Anthony Davis to join him with the Lakers.

Will Kyrie Irving Opt Out

Although Irving said in October that he is resigning with the Boston Celtics; now that he has apologized to Lebron, rumors are circulating. Will there be a reunion between James and Irving? Or, will he sign with the New York Knicks in the off season?

Whether he decides to opt out or not will be a hot discussion until the Summertime. To date, Kyrie hasn’t given any indication or addressed what he plans to do. Of course, the smart decision would be for Irving to stay with the Celtics; as his legacy would be secure.

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