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Hello, Everyone!

We hope you’ve all been well. We’re here with the big reveal today. Yep. The Jr. NBA Skills Challenge results are out! This past weekend, WE W.I.L.L. Thru Sports hosted the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge 2023 for youth 13 and under. All of our participants were eager to start the challenge and successfully completed all five stations. Speaking of which, these five stations included dribbling, shooting, layups, defense, and passing. Additionally, all participants received a Player Card each for participating. In addition, certificates were given to the first, second, and third-place winners of each station.

NBA Skills Challenge Results – What’s Next?

Now that each player has successfully completed the challenge, the final scores will be submitted to see if anyone moves on to another round. After the completion of the competition, the Jr, NBA could be contacting the local winners to see if their scores would allow them to hit the Regional Competition. Finally, we hope to have top-scoring participants once again who will compete with other skilled players with record times.

Junior NBA Skills Challenge- A Word from Coach P

At the start of the competition, Coach P huddled with all the children, giving them encouragement and reminding them to have fun. Moreover, he proactively went over the importance of hard work and having the right attitude regardless of the outcome. Thanks to his dedicated and effective teaching style, the participating youth were attentive to this. Hence, they all succeeded in putting forth their best foot during the competition. Again when it was time to give out awards Coach P reminded everyone to be grateful for an opportunity such as this and to focus on what really counts even if players didn’t receive a certificate.

Final Word

The Jr. NBA Skills Challenge was full of energy, hard work, and healthy competition. In addition to that, it was also brimming with encouragement, player support, sportsman spirit, and a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, this event was free for all participants and served as a great way for them to showcase their skills beyond the gym.

The event in and of itself was a huge success. However, when all is said and done, we hope all participants will continue to work hard over the coming year and new, more promising, participants will join us for the next Jr NBA Skills Challenge 2024. Last but not least, stay tuned for regular updates on our programs and the difference these programs are making in the lives of our youth.

Have a great day!