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Hello, Everyone!

Are you ready for the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge 2023? Because we sure are! Yes, you read it right!  We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports has signed up to host the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge local competition for the year 2023 after hosting a successful event last year. Although we have partnered with Jr. NBA many times in the past, we will now be collaborating to host the 2023 Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Local Competition for the second year in a row!

Time & Place of Competition

The Jr. NBA Skills Challenge will be held at the Joan of Arc Junior High School, located at 154 W 93rd St, at 9:30 am.

Where To Sign Up!

Anyone who wants to sign up, click HERE and you can participate in the challenge for free! However, you must be 13 years old or under in order to meet the eligibility requirements for this challenge. All rules and other details can be found within the registration link.

Jr. NBA Skills Challenge 2023 – Show Case Your Talent

This is a great way for boys and girls to showcase their talents and have fun participating in the following 5 fundamental basket areas, namely:

  1. Shooting;
  2. Lay-ups;
  3. Dribbling;
  4. Passing; and
  5. Defense

Hence, if you want to improve in any of these areas and or show off your skills, this is the place to be on April 22nd, 2023!

Additionally, parental support goes a long way in motivating children to reach their untapped potential and become the best possible version of themselves. So, parents, make it a point to come out and support our youth and all the hard work they put in at the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge 2023!

Final Word

If you would like to get more information on the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge 2023, feel free to email us at lifestyles@wewillthrusports.com. We are excited for another great year and the healthy competition that will be witnessed during this challenge.