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With schools and sports shut down; Joe’s Coaching corner is an important mechanism to keep all kids active and engaged in our basketball program.

Coach Joe

Indeed, everyone knows Joe as “Coach Joe”.  Due to Joe’s passion for basketball and his dedication to work with our youth; he wants to help everyone reach their potential.

Moreover, Joe is a former professional basketball player. And, his goal is to teach you all he knows about the sport as well as inspire you to be the best you can.

Joe’s Coaching Corner

So, every week, Coach Joe will be putting together new videos for kids and basketball coaches to study. In each episode, there will be demonstrations of how to play basketball. Each video will last approximately 1 – 2 minutes.

In the first video released, Joe has set up a video on the UCLA Clip. This clip shows the importance of how to score an easy 2 point basket.

Joe’s Coaching corner will use video cameras to capture and show the easiest way to score a shot. Meanwhile, by tuning in weekly, you will be ready to begin playing once you return to playing in-person.

Of course, some kids may forget some things you taught them; however, the videos can be played over and over again.

When you return to playing basketball again; you will be able to show off the skills you have learnt from Joe’s videos.

Virtual Training of Youth

With so many parents and kids home; we cannot stress how important it is to keep your kids active while they are learning remotely. Be sure to visit our Play a Game Not Video post to read about the importance of physical activities for your kids to exercise.

Although virtual training won’t replace in-person training; it will help keep you active during these challenging times.

With no teams practicing right now, this virtual training will get you ready to compete in the future.

Next week, Joe will include other references on how to score quick baskets.

Stay tuned…