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The I AM tournament, that took place at Sol Bloom Park, has finally come to an end and we’re here to tell you about the champions. But first, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports would like to offer a huge bundle of thanks for all the support shown throughout the course of this tournament. Those working for the neighborhood community center, police officers, referees, coaches, and. of course, the timer /scorekeeper, were all an integral part of the success.

I Am Tournament – 2nd Place Runners Up

The 2nd place runners-up, for the 15 & under division, were Team T. They played a good game and competed to the end. The trophies were given out and, as always, they kept their t-shirts to remember the significance of the tournament and the importance of their roles in it.

The 2nd place runners-up for the 16 & over division were also Team T. This team also had a competitive edge and played a great game with their young but slightly older competitors. Trophies were again given out for this fabulous team. It was a job well done by both teams.

I Am Tournament – 1st Place Champions

For our champions in the younger division, we had a team with an inspiring name. Creating Opportunities was our 15 & under champions’ winner for this year’s I AM tournament. Last but not least, holding the title of champions for the 16 & u see division, we have the Hurricanes. Their strength and speed, such as that of a hurricane, allowed them to go all the way, and earn the championship trophy. Congratulations to all our 1st and 2nd place winners.

Final Word:

This tournament was created to give our youth an outlet. It was a successful alternative to the street life they are all too familiar with. Taking it a step further, it was implanted in them how their words become their actions. They were reminded of their importance and how they have a lot to offer in the future. If you want to see more programming like this, or have an interest in our upcoming programs, visit our home page to get in touch. Click HERE to sign up for our basketball camp and HERE to sign up for our 8-week Regulators session.