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Similarly to other coaches; Henry is facing the challenges of youth sports. Since the worldwide pandemic, Henry has been creative in engaging the kids involved in our programs.

Henry is Facing the Challenges of Youth Sports

When all sports programs came to a halt back in March; Coach Henry has been instrumental in engaging with the young people through zoom and mini-camps. To read more about the challenges sports teams faced; be sure to visit our Coronavirus Sports Cancellations post.

Primarily, Henry has been having video calls as well as using Youtube.

Although he has experienced disappointment in the slow progress of some of the programs coming back; Henry has shifted some of his programs.

Along with Coach Joe, he hosted a one-day mini basketball camp this Summer. To read more about this; be sure to check out our One Day Mini Basketball Camp post.

After this successful program, he had another minicamp. At the same time, social justice was talked about at our second driveway minicamp. To learn more about the positive impact this had on our youth; be sure to visit our Successful Driveway Minicamp Review post.

Finally, We W.I.L.L.Thru Sports recently hosted an event that all the coaches, kids, and volunteers were happy to participate in. To read more about this; be sure to visit our Halo-Ball Classic Basketball Tournament post.

Embracing Obstacles

In addition to our mini camp events; Henry is doing an amazing job teaching Physical Education through Zoom. Moreover, he has been implementing the importance of a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, stretching, and calisthenics.

Recently, Henry used a Halloween theme with backdrops as well as music to engage each student. Now, he is gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Indeed, these have been tough and challenging times for everyone as we are all dealing with the pandemic.

Although the situation facing each of us is fluid; be sure to check out our Fun Youth Quarantine Activities post which is a great way for families to come together.

In essence, there is so much to be thankful for.

Although things have been challenging, Henry’s hope is to emerge as a key leader in a model for youth sports. At the end of the day, Henry is working on being hands-on and active face-to-face with the kids and hopes to be back in the gym in the near future.

In summary, as Henry is facing the challenges of youth sports; he hopes the kids continue to stay positive as this could be a turning point for both kids and parents to realize the importance of health, nutrition, and sports.

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