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So today kicks off, Give Kids a Smile. With Valentine’s Day around the corner; smile. As a charitable organization; the ADA Foundation wants to make a difference in oral health.

ADA Foundation

First and foremost, the ADA foundation wants to help improve oral health by support, research and education. Because many kids enter school with teeth issues; this organization wants to make a difference. In the same way, the ADA program helps individual dentists.

Also, the ADA provides assistance to dental students as well as oral health care for those in need. Indeed, a healthy mouth and teeth are important to our kids wellness.

Give Kids a Smile

No doubt, a cavity can do a lot of harm to your teeth. Many children have tooth decay as early as Kindergarten age. This month, Give Kids a Smile is celebrating their 16th year. So, let’s fight tooth decay and give your kids a reason to smile.

Parents Can Help Give Kids a Smile

Of course, parents can help kids brings a smile as they grow into teens and adulthood. So, you may wonder how you can make a difference. Well, this is simple. Make sure your kids are brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Also, make sure your kids are flossing as well.

As a parent, you can turn brushing your teeth into a fun activity. Although you may be busy; it is important to get your kids in the habit. Since most kids may forget to brush their teeth; you can get creative in preventing this from happening. For some creative ways; you can turn on their favorite song. When a kid is listening to their favorite tune; they can be-bop to the beat while brushing their teeth.

Another way to inspire your kids to brush their teeth is to let them go shopping with you for toothpaste and a fun toothbrush.


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