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With so many families and kids home, let’s take a look at some fun youth quarantine activities as this “Stay at Home” order continues. So, even though the state has been on pause; most kids are getting cabin fever.

Fun Youth Quarantine Activities

Since there doesn’t seem to be an end date in sight; let’s go back to old-school values.

Indeed, most families and kids are always on the go. However, while at home; it is important to take the time to reconnect.

In the first place, having meals together at the dinner table is a great way for families to reconnect. Be sure to visit our Every Kid Healthy Week post for some ideas on what to do with your kids each day of the week.

Another great activity for bringing the family together is to plan a movie night or play some table games.

For instance, almost everyone likes music. So, why not try playing a game that will have all of your family members involved. First, one player says a word and the game begins for someone to sing a song containing that word.

Indeed, this game will bring plenty of laughter and fun into your home. So, even if you’re tone-deaf; you can still have fun channeling your inner musical ability.


Fun Youth Quarantine Activities

Bring Sports Indoors

Of course, exercise and sports are an important activity for everyone to stay healthy. With this in mind, why not channel your favorite athlete and play a sport either inside, or in your backyard?

When your inside, this fun soccer game will have kids, teenagers, and the family having hours of fun with this soccer game.


Fun Youth Quarantine Activities

Another great game for any household is easy to set-up and play in your yard is featured below. Whether your kids like basketball, baseball, or football; they will enjoy this fun game.

Also, this is a great game and is easy to transport with you when you’re going camping or to the beach.


Outside Sports Games

Create your own fun with an aerobic or dance party inside, or out in your backyard.

In summary, all families should use this time to their advantage and become a stronger unit by doing some fun youth quarantine activities.