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The Final Four is set to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since there are still games being played today with the Elite Eight; we won’t know the outcome until the end of the day.

March Madness

Similarly to other years, there are always surprises. To read more about the tournament, be sure to visit our March Madness Update 2019 post.

Final Four

So this year, the Virginia Cavaliers are a much better team both offensively and defensively. In last night’s game, the Virginia Cavaliers beat the Purdue Boilermakers in overtime – in an exiting game with the final score of 80 – 75. Now, the Cavaliers will head to the Final Four next weekend.

In addition to the Virginia Cavaliers, the Texas Tech beat the Gonzaga Bulldozers with a score of 75 – 69.

Today, the schedule for the Elite Eight is:

Although the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Auburn Tigers the last time they placed; the Tigers haven’t lost a game since their February 23 meeting. Will the Tigers hot streak continue? Even though the Wildcats won last time they played; many analyst are predicting that they will have a tough time in beating the Tigers. Which team will move on?

Finally, on the last game of the day, can the Michigan State Spartans advance? With the game on the line; the Spartans have never played the Duke Blue Devils for a final spot. Since both teams are two of the best rebound teams in the game: who will move on?

Final Four Schedule

The schedule for the semifinals is for next Saturday, April 6th and the National Championship Game will be on Monday, April 8th.

Will you be watching the tournaments? Finally, how are you doing with your bracket?

As always, I welcome your comments.