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Cleveland Cavaliers await their next opponent. After making quick work of the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland has about a week to rest up before the next round.

Cleveland Cavaliers Await

Surprisingly, the Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t lost a playoff game in either round 1 or round 2. As the Cleveland Cavaliers await their next opponent, they will have time to ponder their next opponent. Of course, they will have plenty of time to rest up before the next round.

Since the Cavaliers are the defending NBA Champion’s, they are on a mission to win it all again. With this in mind, who will be their next opponent?

Boston Celtics

With the Boston Celtics winning the first two games at home, the series is suddenly tied 2 – 2. Although game 3 in Washington was a blowout, the Celtics started game 4 playing better. By the start of the third quarter, the Celtics were already losing by double digits. With this in mind, the Celtics are playing inconsistently.

When it comes to the playoffs, the Celtics need to play better as they head back to Boston. Of course, there are questions remaining. Since the Celtics lost in the first two games against Chicago in round one, they came back to win the series. In the same way, they are playing similar in round 2.

Because during the regular season both teams were evenly matched, will it go to game 7 in round two?

Washington Wizards

In the first place, the Washington Wizards have dominated the last two games. With the Wizards going on a 26 – 0 run in the second half of Sunday’s game, the Celtics weren’t able to come back. When a team dominates the tempo of the game, it is hard to compete.

Hence, the last two victories by the Wizards have the team confident in their hope to win the series. So with the series coming back to Boston, who will win to face Cleveland?

Who will be Cavalier’s next Opponent

Because the Celtics are considered underdogs, can they beat the Wizards. Cleveland Cavaliers await their next opponent.

As always, I would love to hear your comments on who you think will be the Cavaliers next opponent?