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Christmas is a time for festivities. However, many have a difficult time during the holiday season. Whether it’s doing something small or helping someone, let’s teach others the joy of providing services for others less fortunate.

Christmas Holiday

Since kids look forward to Christmas for months before; however it is important that we teach kids about gift giving. With school being on holiday break, let’s get our kids involved in some type of service project.

In the first place, kids who volunteer their time or provide a service have a positive impact. Moreover, volunteering reduces drug use, teen pregnancies and dropout rates. And, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports mission is to provide sports programs to serve at-risk kids through our sports programs.

Christmas Holiday Giving Back

Many children don’t know what is expected of them during the holidays. So, I’ve compiled a few ideas for ways to get your kids involved.

  • When the kids are off, now is the perfect time to have them clean their room and get rid of things they have outgrown or no longer use. At the same time, have your kids pack up things they don’t need and make a giving bag. Once the bag is complete, you can go with your kids to a homeless shelter or Goodwill.
  • Another great idea is to have your kids make something and send this to a nursing home, children’s unit at a hospital or to the Veterans.
  • If your kids don’t have anything to donate, they can still perform acts of kindness. To read more tips on this, check out our Random Acts of Kindness post.

Although volunteering takes time; make some time during the holiday season to get your family and kids involved.

Blessings of the season provide happiness for others less fortunate.

In the spirit of the season; set an example and get your kids involved in things they can do this Christmas holiday week.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Holidays!