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Did you know March is Child Life Month? Whether you have children that are a newborn or 17 years old; it is important that each kid has the opportunity to grow through both play and education.

Child Life Month

In fact, infants, children, and teenagers are facing challenges in their life. From traumatic events to stressful situations; kids face experiences that cause them to have fears that impact their well-being.

In healthcare, education, and activities; it is essential that kids have positive role models. By having parents, healthcare professionals, teachers, and coaches; each kid can turn a negative into a positive by developing both physically and emotionally.

Since kids have a lot of energy, the following are some ways for each kid to develop.

  • Emotional – As kids get into their teens; they are looking for acceptance and approval. Take the time to show your kids how important they are.
  • Intellectually – Help your kids develop and learn the skills so they can become better both scholastically and through extracurricular activities.
  • Involve your kids in decisions.
  • Physical – Make sure your kids have an annual physical
  • Social – Moreover, make sure your kids have positive role models.
  • Tap into your kid’s skills

How to Celebrate Child Life Month

Are you ready to celebrate?

At We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports; we want to get kids involved in our sports programs. To read about a kid’s overall development; be sure to visit our Importance of Sports in Our Youth post. Whether or not you play sports; you may want to think about participating in a team sport. By participating in a team sport; you’re developing relationships with others.

Since many kids are at home during the pandemic; you may want to get your kids into some online activities. And, if your kid has a medical condition or in the hospital; you can have a stuffed animal delivered.

In addition, volunteering is a great way to enhance someone’s life. Whether you are helping one kid or involved in something on a larger scale; Child Life Month is important. However, when the month is over; there are things you can do monthly. For example, raise money for a charity or provide items for a shelter. Or, you can make something and bring it to a Senior Center.

Happy Child Life Month!