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For the fourth straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers are headed back to the finals. After the trade deadline, Cleveland showed they were for real. To read more, visit our Cleveland Cavaliers Revival post.

Cavaliers Fourth Straight Final

Since there were question marks on the Cavaliers during the regular season, this team fought hard throughout the playoffs. In fact, they were the number four seed in the playoffs.

With Kevin Love sitting down in Game 7 due to concussion symptoms, there were questions on who would step up in Game 7. Moreover, the team started off slow and the Celtics looked like they were going to win their 11th straight home playoff game. But, James had other ideas. And in the second half, the Cavaliers looked ready to take control.

Although this team showed wear and tear throughout their playoff run; they were able to get past the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now the Eastern Conference Champions.

LeBron James Domination

First and foremost, LeBron played the entire game scoring 35 points, 15 rebounds and nine assists. In addition, his leadership and skills proved too much for the Boston Celtics. As the leader of the team, LeBron showed his emotion throughout the game.

Even with three Celtics players defending LeBron, he was able to easily make three point shots. No doubt, his presence was felt in his performance against the Boston Celtics.

Due to LeBron James dominance in Game 7, they are heading back to the NBA finals. As they await the winner of the Western Conference Finals, will they be matched up against the Golden State Warriors again? Or, will they face the Houston Rockets.

In conclusion, both conference finals went the distance. So, the Cavaliers have a date on Thursday with either the Rockets or the Warriors?

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