Fun Youth Quarantine Activities

With so many families and kids home, let’s take a look at some fun youth quarantine activities as this “Stay at Home” order continues. So, even though the state has been on pause; most kids are getting cabin fever.

Surprise Wedding Announcement

Mary Woods and Henry Perez had a surprise wedding. Although Mary and Henry have been friends for over 10 years; recently their relationship took a turn and grew into something more.

Joe’s Coaching Corner April 2020

With schools and sports shut down; Joe’s Coaching corner is an important mechanism to keep all kids active and engaged in our basketball program.

Every Kid Healthy Week

Every kid healthy week is here. Initially, this was created in 2013 to celebrate schools’ health and wellness achievements. However, this year due to Covid-19; most schools will not be hosting an event.

Play a Game Not Video

Play a game! However, not a video or game box. Since many parents are concerned about the number of hours kids spend playing video games; it is important that your kids balance their time better. When it comes to activities and school work; it is important that the kids feel they can plug into other…

National Youth Violence Prevention Week

National Youth Violence Prevention Week was founded in 2001 in hopes to raise awareness to prevent violence before it happens

Gianna Bryant Basketball Love

Gianna Bryant grew up with a special love for the game of basketball. In fact, her love of the game was a special bond between her and her dad, Kobe Bryant. Be sure to visit our Kobe Bryant Sports Legacy post to read about this tragedy that took place.

Kobe Bryant Sports Legacy

Kobe Bryant left big shoes to fill in the NBA. When the helicopter he was traveling to a game for a weekend tournament crashed, nine people died. Not only did this rock the sports world; but it also rocked the entire world. Of course, this untimely tragedy has left a deep hole in the world…

Holiday Work Out Summary 2020

With our recent Holiday Work Out, there was a lot of excitement for the season with our fun basketball program. Because the kids had a lot of fun; the program continues to gain popularity with all of the kids. Be sure to visit our Third Holiday Winter Workout post to read more about our program.

NFL 2019 Season Update

With the NFL 2019 Season coming to an end; there are already eight teams that have secured a spot in the playoffs. So, let’s take a look at where things presently stand.