NBA Released Regular Game Schedule

The NBA released their regular game schedule to finish the remaining games, also known as the seeding games at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

One Day Mini Basketball Camp

With kids and parents home, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports decided to host a one day mini basketball camp. Of course, parents have their hands full with their kids home all day. So, with a basketball court in Dianne Wood’s backyard; the plans were made to have a game in the driveway.

Youth Sports Return New York

Youth sports will return in parts of New York beginning on July 6th. With this return of Phase 3, baseball, field hockey, and gymnastics are a few of the sports that will resume.

NBA 2020 Season Update

So, talks for the NBA 2020 Season to resume are nearing a conclusion. When the season came to a standstill; there were many questions about the NBA. Be sure to visit our Coronavirus Sports Cancellations post. Since Utah Jazz, Rudy Golbert tested positive for COVID-19; there has been new information, and restrictions are being lifted.

The Last Dance Finale 2020

So, The Last Dance finale was this past Sunday, May 17th. However, if you missed any of the episodes; you can always catch-up and binge-watch the entire series on ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, or YouTube TV. At the same time, this documentary was a huge hit for basketball fans.

The Last Dance Michael Jordan

Since there are no NBA games on, The Last Dance is exactly what NBA fans need to see. With everyone talking about this documentary; it has many of Michael Jordan’s past teammates talking about playing with this all-time great.

Joe’s Coaching Corner April 2020

With schools and sports shut down; Joe’s Coaching corner is an important mechanism to keep all kids active and engaged in our basketball program.

Coronavirus Sports Cancellations

With the Coronavirus being in the news all over the world; the sports world is feeling the pressure as well. Since the NBA first canceled their games, all the professional sports teams in the United States have since halted their season as well.

Milwaukee Bucks Clinch Early Playoff Berth

The Milwaukee Bucks have already clinched a playoff spot. Typically, teams don’t clinch a playoff spot in February; however, the Bucks have secured a spot for the fourth straight year.

We WILL After School Program

We WILL After School is an exciting new program that Henry started. Henry has many years of experience in coaching and teaching kids about the game of basketball. Meanwhile, this new program has become very popular in a short amount of time.