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BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs are underway. After the regular season came to a close on Friday, there are four  teams remaining. To read more about Season 2, check out our BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Schedule post.

BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs

So last season, Trilogy went undefeated. And many thought they could repeat in Season 2; however Trilogy will not have the chance to defend their title.

Are you gearing up for the playoffs? For BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs, the four remaining teams are:

Since Power won their final game and beat the 3-Headed Monsters earlier in the season, they have clinched the Number one seed heading into the playoffs. The Number 2 seed is the 3 Headed Monsters. And the Number 3 spot is 3’s Company. Finally, the Number 4 seed is Tri-State.

BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs Schedule

Indeed, the competition has been fierce this season. Now that the playoffs are set, Week 9 will be in Dallas, Texas on August 17th. So, the match-up will be as follows:

  • Number one seed Power will match-up against the Number 4 seed, Tri-State
  • Number two seed, the 3-Headed Monsters will play the Number 3 seed, 3’s Company

No doubt, the games have been played at a high level for Season 2.

As we know, Nancy Lieberman made history as the first female coach in a professional men’s sports league. Of course, we cannot be more proud of Nancy’s accomplishment as she leads her Number one seed team into the playoffs on August 17th.

Will the Number one seed team be the team to beat? In fact, in Game 3, Tri State beat Power. After Power’s loss to Tri-State, they went undefeated. Will Power continue with an 8th straight victory? Or, will Tri State win in the playoff match-up?

Although 3-Headed Monsters beat 3’s Company in the regular season, 3’s Company is expected to win. Will the finals end up being the Number 4 seed, Tri-State against the Number 3 seed, 3’s Company. Of course, we will have to see how the games play out on August 17th.

As always, I welcome your comments on how you think the playoffs will go.