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Bad sportsmanship is something that needs to be worked on. In the first place, the coaches put a lot of time into working with the kids to develop them into good team players. But what happens, when there is disruption or a fight at a sports event?

Bad Sportsmanship

First and foremost, we all want kids to play fair and be good teammates. However, sometimes there is competition that causes fights to break out or kids to lose their cool.  No doubt, it is important that things are not taken for granted. Be sure to check out our Learning Better Sportsmanship post for some rules to teach our youth.

So, every kid has a choice. There is a right and wrong way to handle behavior. Indeed, there are two sides to a coin. However, one thing – each kid should learn is how to be a good teammate.

Recently, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports experienced a fight breaking out at the Goddard Riverside Community Center Tournament. Our mission is to get kids off the street and away from violence through our sports programs. Because we offer these free programs, we expect each kid to use these sports moments to grow as people. For any kid who cannot behave at any of our events, there will be consequences.

Bad Sportsmanship Guidance Tools

Since most kids play sports, it is important that each kid learn the value of how to behave. Indeed, kids need to learn skills on how to treat other kids. Whether they win or lose, it is important that kids know the importance of showing respect.

In fact, every kid is going to have a moment where they lose their cool. Nevertheless, it is important for a kid to check their emotions when they are frustrated. If a kid loses a game or isn’t happy with a teammate, it is important to have a conversation on how to control their aggression.


In conclusion, our mission at We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is for each kid to develop and enhance their skills to lead a life of value and integrity. Furthermore, bad sportsmanship isn’t acceptable. Unfortunately, a disruptive kid can spoil the activity for other kids.

In fact, if you cannot be mature and accept how to be a good teammate, than this type of behavior is not what being a good teammate and having good sportsmanship is about.

As always, I welcome your comments.