The Last Dance Finale 2020

So, The Last Dance finale was this past Sunday, May 17th. However, if you missed any of the episodes; you can always catch-up and binge-watch the entire series on ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, or YouTube TV. At the same time, this documentary was a huge hit for basketball fans.

South Korean Baseball 2020

With most professional sports teams currently on pause; you can now tune into South Korean Baseball. Since most people love one sport or another; it is nice to have the opportunity to enjoy seeing baseball on live TV.

The Last Dance Michael Jordan

Since there are no NBA games on, The Last Dance is exactly what NBA fans need to see. With everyone talking about this documentary; it has many of Michael Jordan’s past teammates talking about playing with this all-time great.

2020 NFL Schedule Release

With the 2020 NFL schedule out late yesterday; are you ready to circle the following games on your calendar? Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic; I’m sure most of you have been looking forward to this.

Surprise Wedding Announcement

Mary Woods and Henry Perez had a surprise wedding. Although Mary and Henry have been friends for over 10 years; recently their relationship took a turn and grew into something more.

Joe’s Coaching Corner April 2020

With schools and sports shut down; Joe’s Coaching corner is an important mechanism to keep all kids active and engaged in our basketball program.

Every Kid Healthy Week

Every kid healthy week is here. Initially, this was created in 2013 to celebrate schools’ health and wellness achievements. However, this year due to Covid-19; most schools will not be hosting an event.

Play a Game Not Video

Play a game! However, not a video or game box. Since many parents are concerned about the number of hours kids spend playing video games; it is important that your kids balance their time better. When it comes to activities and school work; it is important that the kids feel they can plug into other…

Creative Easter Home Celebration

Are you ready to have a creative Easter celebration at home? Although you’re home this year, we have put together a few ideas to hopefully put a smile on your face. So, are you ready to get creative?

NFL 2020 Free Agency Update

The NFL 2020 free agency and trade season has been very active. Without much happening in the world of sports; there has been a lot of crazy moves made in the off-season.