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Is your child joining back-to-school sports this school year? What you need to know and how you can best support them.

Sports As An Outlet

Sports are a positive outlet for all youth. It allows kids to channel their energy, express feelings, and build mental, emotional, and physical skills. For young people who are struggling with anxiety, depression and other behavioral challenges, sports is one of the most important outlets to lead to healthy development. When kids are engaged in sports, there are naturally stimulating chemicals in their bodies like endorphins which helps your body respond to stress. This ultimately helps improve mood. A better mood leads to a better outcome.


Tips To Keep In Mind When Engaging In School Sports

  1. Take Practice times seriously
  2. Maintain Routines
  3. Adopt a growth mindset
  4. Focus on your goal rather than distractions around you
  5. Have the energy of the player you look up to
  6. Keep open communication with your coach


Benefits of Sports

When deciding if school sports is right for you and your student athlete, remember sports calms the mind, strengthens muscles, and leads to overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that 20/30 minutes of exercise each day can make people feel calmer. This calmness continues several hours after exercise and can positively effect other areas of life. If there is an interest or love in a sport, it can lead to a life time of adopting healthy habits and happiness.


A Message to Parents

Athletics are good for young people and it’s important to keep focused on what will be best for the child. Its best to be supportive, but not overly enthusiastic as this may make your child more nervous than they would be. Our young people look up to us and need to know that we aren’t going to be an added stressor. Young people play sports for different reasons such as wanting to be with friends, exercise, love the game, and yes … to please parents. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and get the most out of what sports offers. When you and your child are on the same wave length, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits sports confer.


We W.I.L.L Thru Sports Offers An Outlet Through Sports

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