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So, today is the American League Wild Card Game. Although the Yankees won 4 out of the 6 games against the Minnesota Twins in the regular season; anything can happen in a one game playoff.

American League Wild Card Game

With the regular season behind us, time to focus on the playoffs. At the same time, this year’s one game wild card is unexpected. No one expected either the Yankees or the Twins to be October contenders. Visit our New York Yankees Clinch A Playoff Spot post to read more about this year’s team.

Even so, both teams have made it to the one game wild card matchup. Because this game is the highlight of two great Statcast players; we can expect a great game. So, two of the elite players will meet. We all know about Aaron Judge. But, now we will learn more about Byron Buxton. Buxton has been the talk of baseball with his speed and defensive skills.

As we Yankee fans know, Judge has been a bright spot all season. Aaron Judge leads the American League in home runs hit this year. In addition, Judge is considered the favorite to win “Rookie of the Year”. He is also considered to be in the discussion as the MVP of the American League.

Indeed, this game is more than these two great players. Who will win? Whose season will end?

New York Yankees

When the Yankees lost the American League Title to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday; Joe Giradi had to make up his lineup for today’s game. As the Yankees get ready to face the Twins, Luis Severino will get the ball. Severino has had a great 2017 season.

Also, the Yankees offense has been potent this year. In the same way, their bullpen will be valuable if Severino runs into difficulty.

Minnesota Twins

Although the Twins lost 100 games in 2016, they have had a remarkable season. In addition, the Twins have faced the Yankees several times in the playoffs and have lost to the Yankees four times since 2003.

With the Twins having a young lineup, they have played well. Ervin Santana will get the ball as the starting Pitcher.

Who Will Advance?

Although the Yankees seem to have the better bullpen, anything can happen in a one game playoff. Whoever wins this game will head to Cleveland to face the Indians in the American League Central Championship game.

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