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A.M. Workouts Are Back !

The A. M. Workouts are starting again. The A. M. Workouts are every Saturday morning from 9am-12pm depending on your age range. The A.M. Workouts inception was to give young people an opportunity to strengthen their core from the inside out. It appears as though it’s a basketball program but, in all reality, it’s a transformational program from the inside out. We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports uses sports as the platform to provide equal opportunities for our youth to win into healthy long term lifestyles.


We have Collaborated again with our community partner Goddard Riverside. Together we are stronger working to build our youth. When community members can count on one another and work together with shared goals, our youth and families become healthier and stronger. We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is breaking generational cycles and creating health and happiness through our mission.

The Schedule is as Follows:

Every Saturday morning expect Holidays

Age 12 and under- start time 9am end time 10:30am

Age 13 and up- start time 10:30 am end time 12pm

We are welcoming all new participants and can’t wait to see our returning family. Coach P is excited for a new season of beginnings and endings. Coach P is looking forward to transforming your head heart and hands. With over 20 + years of coaching experience, and a story of how sports saved his life, you will NOT find a more dedicated, compassionate, skilled, and loyal coach as you will in Coach P and his team.

Sign up using this link  https://wewillthrusports.com/a-m-workouts/

Get ready for not just a change but a transformation!