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The A.M.Workouts program is back again for 2022-2023. Having much success last year, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is pleased to share the A.M. Workouts 2022-2023 program. Speaking of which, our A.M. workouts are happening on 154 West 93rd st at The Joan of Arc Middle School.

Hence, we are looking forward to a new location that can be accessible for new young people while all remain welcome. All you need to do is visit wewillthrusports.com and sign up today for free!

The focus of the A.M. Workouts 2022-2023

There will be a continued focus on strengthening and conditioning the body while teaching the fundamentals of basketball. Healthy habits for our young people to move them into their best selves are all part of the morning structure. Further, examples of how to lead a healthy lifestyle mind and body are woven into the fundamentals of the sport.

Are the A.M. Workouts For You?

If youth or parents of younger children are looking to gain basketball skills that can help with competitive-level playing, the A.M. workouts 2022-2023 are for you. If you are looking for a safe space to exercise and acquire a caring experienced coach, then the A.M. workouts are for you. In addition, Coach Perez’s mentoring component for a healthy living gives our young people something to keep thinking about long after the workouts are over.

Final Word

Just as we welcomed you last time for our  A.M. Workouts, come over and join us again or for the first time. Let’s see healthy changes in mind and body starting today for as many young people as possible!