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With the divisional rounds in the rearview mirror, the 2021 NFL Conference Champion Game is set. To read more about last weekend’s games; be sure to visit our 2021 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Schedule post. So, three out of the four Quarterbacks appearing in this week’s games have all been MVPs.

2021 NFL Conference Champion Game

When the divisional round started, many expected the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose to the New Orleans Saints. However, Tom Brady led his team to victory. With Drew Brees not up to par; the Buccaneers were able to capitalize on his mistakes. The final score was 30 – 20.

For Tom Brady, he is no stranger to being in a champion game. At the same time, this will be Brady’s 14th time playing in a title game and his 9th in the last 10 years.

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes suffered a concussion after he was stopped by Mack Wilson on the Cleveland Browns. With Mahomes suffering a head injury; he has been ruled out to play against the Buffalo Bills.

2021 NFL Conference Champion Game Day Schedule

In Game 1 on Sunday, January 24th, the Number 1 seed, the Green Bay Packers will host the Number 5 seed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 3:05 p.m.

Indeed, Aaron Rodgers is having a career year. Moreover, the Packers have an elite offensive line. Although the Buccaneers were a wild card team; they have marched to victory in both games.

Since both teams have a great offensive line; the Packers have the edge. In fact, earlier, I had the Green Bay Packers as one of my picks for the Super Bowl.

In Game 2 on Sunday, January 24th, the Number 1 seed, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills at 6:40 p.m. With Mahomes being out and Josh Allen having a career year; I have the Bills as my pick to win this game and head to the Super Bowl.

In the end, both games will come down to good defense and turnovers.

Of course, the 2021 NFL Conference Champion Game will have fans gearing up to watch these great games.