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2021 MLB Baseball Season will begin on April 1st. So last year, no one knew if there would be a season. However, this year the season will begin on time.

2021 MLB Baseball – Attendance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans weren’t in the stands. But, this year is different. Many teams will begin having fans. At the same time, many states and local governments will determine how many fans can be permitted to attend live games. Of course, this will depend a lot on if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 as well as how many people have been vaccinated.

With last season being played to empty stands; it will be a nice change to see fans in attendance.

Baseball Thoughts

A new year, new players, new management – what teams will shine? To read more about the last 2 teams standing; be sure to visit our 2020 World Series Baseballs Best post.

Meanwhile, there has only been Spring training. Moreover, there are already lots of predictions floating around. In fact, both the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays look like solid teams. However, in a long season, there are many things that can change. Whether it is injuries, team chemistry, or trades at the deadline; there are rises and falls every year.

Since the Los Angeles Dodgers have been in the playoffs the last several years; you can expect them to be back in the playoffs this year. With the San Diego Padres making a lot of moves in the off-season; will they be the team to put a stop to the Dodgers?

In the East, many have the Toronto Blue Jays to not only win the division; but to be in the World Series. So, what happened to last year’s winner of the AL East – the Tampa Bay Rays?

In summary, the 2021 MLB Baseball year should bring fans back to cheering on their favorite teams.