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Although the 2020 MLB Trade deadline has passed; what teams were the biggest winners? Since many teams are not in line to make the playoffs this year; there was a lot of activity prior to the deadline.

2020 MLB Trade Deadline

Due to the pandemic, MLB shortened its season to 60 games. When the season finally started on July 23rd; there were many players that opted out. To read more on the MLB players that opted out; be sure to visit our Professional Sports Players Opting Out post.

So, now that the trade deadline is behind us; let’s take a look at a few of the big winners. With a short season, the San Diego Padres was all in at the trade deadline. They acquired the following players:

  • Mike Clevinger
  • Austin Nola
  • Greg Allen
  • Jason Castro
  • Dan Altavilla
  • Austin Adams
  • Mitch Moreland
  • Taylor Williams

At the same time, they didn’t give up a lot to acquire the above players. They only gave up one of their top 10 prospects.

In addition to the Padres, the Boston Red Sox are looking to rebuild their farm system and were active leading right up to the deadline. To read more about the deals the Red Sox made; be sure to visit our Boston Red Sox Trades that will Shape the Team in 2021 and Beyond post.

Also, the Toronto Blue Jays improved their team by acquiring a variety of quality players.

New York Yankees

Although the Yankees were heavy favorites before the season opened; they have had a lot of injuries. To read more about the Yankees chances before the season began; be sure to visit our 2020 Winter Baseball Meetings post.

With their injuries, G.M. Brian Cashman decided the price was too high to acquire some of the players they were eyeing and has hopes that many of his players will return before the season ends.

Indeed, time will tell if Cashman was right not to make any deals.

New York Mets

Although the Mets have a losing record; they brought in 3 players who could help them. They acquired the following players:

  • Miguel Castro
  • Todd Frazier
  • Robinson Chirinos

Since Frazier has played before for the Mets; will he be able to help them? With these three players; this could have a positive impact to help them make the playoffs.

In summary, with one month to go of the regular MLB season; time will tell who will be the last team standing.