BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs

BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Playoffs are underway. After the regular season came to a close on Friday, there are four  teams remaining. To read more about Season 2, check out our BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Schedule post.

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BIG3 Season 2 Basketball Schedule 2018

So, BIG3 Season 2 is underway. And, today’s post will bring you up-to-date on the new season. For the second season, Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinez wanted to improve on the struggles of their first year.

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BIG3 Season Finale Update

Since the BIG3 Season ended last month, today’s post is a summary of the playoffs and the future of the league. With the playoffs ending last month, what can we expect going forward?

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Ice Cube Suspends Allen Iverson

Ice Cube suspends Allen Iverson for one game. As a consequence of Iverson missing several games, it has put the league in an awkward position.

What do you do when fans are expecting to see Iverson play?

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Ice Cube BIG3 Inaugural Basketball League

So, Ice Cube is known for his rap music and Charlie Day films, but has now started a BIG3 Inaugural Basketball league. In the first place, this basketball league is for retired players and coaches.

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