Red Sox Eliminate Yankees 2018

Postseason is underway for 2018. After the Yankees won the wild card game, they moved onto face the Boston Red Sox in the American League Divisional playoffs. To read more about the wild card match-up, be sure sure to check-out our Wild Card American League October 2018 post.  Read more

New York Yankees Season Review

With the Yankees season ending today, this year’s team has had success, injuries as well as some promise from their rookies. When Aaron Boone took over the team, there was a lot of hope for this year’s team. Check out our New York Yankees Hire Aaron Boone post to read more about his background.

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Red Sox Clinch American League East

For the third straight year, the Red Sox clinch the American League East. However, what was surprising as this happened in New York. With the Yankees being one of the Red Sox’s biggest rivalries in baseball; it was a big deal that this happened in New York’s backyard.

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MLB Baseball First Half 2018 Season

So, the first half of the 2018 season has passed. Now, that we’re officially in the second half of the season; today’s post will prepare you with the latest news.

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American League East MLB 2018

After 34 games, it is no surprise that the American League East has two of the hottest teams in baseball. So, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will face off this Tuesday for their second series of the season. Be sure to visit our Yankees Red Sox Round One post to read more about these two teams renewed rivalry.

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